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Why bitcoin and cryptocurrency values are dropping quick

Multiple cryptocurrencies — including Bitcoin — dropped sharply Thursday as global stocks continued to fall, CNBC reports. Bitcoin — which was worth $43,058.75 on Thursday morning — dropped as low as $42,496 in the last 24 hours, according to CNBC. Similarly, Ethereum dropped 12% to $3,411.92. The cryptocurrency Solana fell 12% to $148.58. The decline…

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5 cryptocurrency predictions for 2022

This story is part of The Year Ahead, CNET’s look at how the world will continue to evolve starting in 2022 and beyond. Cryptocurrency made many of the strangest headlines of 2021. Boosters touted digital currencies as a world-changing technology with the potential to create new economies and empower people who don’t have access to…

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What do people buy with crypto?

The 2017 bull run produced a freshly-minted group of first generation crypto millionaires – amateurs rich off the spoils of their early intuitions – but fortunes are spent as quickly as they’re made. With a new graduating class of cryptocurrency investors joining the elusive ranks of the international moneyed following sensational all-time highs for Bitcoin…

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A beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency

The Los Angeles Lakers’ home game on Christmas Day against the Brooklyn Nets will be a coming-out party for Arena, the new name for the facility formerly known as Staples Center. The point of the renaming deal — which will reportedly cost the Singapore-based company more than $700 million — is to promote…

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The 6 Biggest Crypto Failures of 2021

From scams to hacks and government moves, crypto has had its fair share of problems this year.The total cryptocurrency market cap rose from $767 billion at the start of 2021 to $2.4 trillion at time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap. We saw some coins gain more than 5,000% in just 12 months and the number…

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Which crypto and blockchain companies could IPO in 2022?

It seems 2022 could most definitely be another potent year for stock market debuts (IPOs) as many well-capitalised crypto-related and blockchain companies head for the exit. Next ‘Tesla’ or ‘Amazon’ IPO could possibly offer similar levels of stratospheric upside but also heaps of money lost. Reports show that in the period between 1975 and 2011,…

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