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Cryptocurrency companies resist pressure to close Russian accounts

U.S. banks, oil companies and internet service providers are cutting off Russia’s access to their services following its invasion of Ukraine, and the list of other companies doing the same grows daily. But one rapidly growing industry so far has declined to pull back in Russia: cryptocurrency traders. Unlike other financial institutions, crypto exchanges have…

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Joe Biden To Sign Executive Order on Crypto This Week:

While the order is not yet fully understood, it has been speculated that an individual authority will be given new regulatory oversight powers Crypto regulation in the US has slowly ratcheted up in recent years, with greater reporting requirements placed on exchanges President Joe Biden is reportedly preparing to sign an executive order on cryptocurrency…

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War in the time of crypto

In times of crisis, there is no good; there’s only a best course of action, given the circumstances. Is crypto good in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Is it bad? Neutral? It’s a hard question to answer. Cryptocurrency is now a more mainstream part of the global financial system, which means that —…

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Millions for Crypto Start-Ups, No Real Names Necessary

At work, he makes one exception to the secrecy. On calls with clients, he often uses his actual first name to introduce himself, concerned that traditional business executives may be uncomfortable working with someone known simply as Legend.Over the last year, the venture capital firm Paradigm has also hired engineers and researchers who operate anonymously;…

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Crypto exchange boss resists calls for ban on all Russia

It is not the place for cryptocurrency exchanges to block transactions by Russian users, the founder of one of the largest trading platforms has said, amid concern that digital currencies will be used to bypass sanctions.The chief executive and founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, said the company was “not in a position to sanction, like,…

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