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How to understand cryptocurrency and why it’s popular

Think of cryptocurrency as the first taste of virtual money, available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.We’re in the unregulated, risky, experimental phase — with more than 10,000 different digital currencies available globally with minimal government rules or oversight. And very few people are buying stuff with it — yet. Why it matters: Crypto is no fad.…

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Crypto Market Breaks $2 Trillion Again. What Next?

Image source: Getty Images Might we put talk of a crypto winter behind us? Key points The total cryptocurrency market cap is above $2 trillion again, and market sentiment has moved out of extreme fear territory.It is too soon to talk about recovery, and crypto prices have a long way to go to reclaim highs.There…

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The Latecomer’s Guide to Crypto

Crypto is a lot of things – including terribly explained. We’re here to clear things up. Until fairly recently, if you lived anywhere other than San Francisco, it was possible to go days or even weeks without hearing about cryptocurrency. Now, suddenly, it’s inescapable. Look one way, and there are Matt Damon and Larry David…

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Crypto Cannot Be Cancelled – Implications For Investors

The recent vote in the European Union to, in effect, ban Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies – via the Markets in Cryptoassets framework – from being traded and used within the trading bloc can be viewed two different ways. On the one hand the fact that such a vote ever in made it to…

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Why web3’s wealthy are donating crypto instead of cash –

As the Russia-Ukraine war rages on, crypto has become an integral tool for donors abroad to support Ukraine. The success of crypto-native fundraising campaigns in this context is reflective of a broader trend that’s taken off in a big way this year of crypto holders giving away their coins to support charitable causes.  Charities around…

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