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Crypto hackers steal $100 million from blockchain bridge

Hackers seized a blockchain bridge developed by Harmony and swindled roughly $100 million in cryptocurrency, the company announced.Blockchain functions as a decentralized ledger, a record of transactions that is publicly available and verifiable but not maintained by any one person, making it useful for tracking digital currency.

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The Crypto Party Is Over

By Corrie Driebusch and Paul VignaJune 18, 2022 12:00 am ETOn Super Bowl Sunday, a ad featuring billionaire NBA star LeBron James lit up millions of Americans’ TVs. “If you want to make history, you gotta call your own shots,” Mr. James said in the 30-second spot for the popular cryptocurrency-trading platform.

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Bitcoin’s struggle to hold $20,000 keeps crypto market on edge

Largest cryptocurrency falls as much as 4.8 percent in Asia as a period of volatility continues.Bitcoin struggled to hold above the closely-watched $20,000 level, extending a period of marked volatility that saw huge weekend swings. The largest cryptocurrency fell as much as 4.8% to $19,618 on Monday in Asia and was trading at $20,036

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What you need to know about staked ether, the token at the center of crypto’s liquidity crisis

Another controversial cryptocurrency is causing havoc in the digital asset market — and this time, it’s not a stablecoin.
Staked ether, or stETH, is a token that’s supposed to be worth the same as ether. But for the past few weeks, it has been trading at a widening discount to the second-biggest cryptocurrency, fanning the flames of a liquidity crisis in the crypto market.

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