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A pair of hacks rattle an already jittery crypto industry

A pair of crypto hacks totaling nearly $200 million in losses and probably affecting more than 10,000 users has prompted worry in an industry already unsettled by falling prices.On Wednesday, Solana, a popular blockchain and token, said that some wallets that held its assets had been breached.

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Crypto Prices Crashed, but True Believers Are Holding On

Crypto prices plunged this year, but Drew Larsen says that is no concern.Over the past two years, Mr. Larsen, 54, has poured about 10% of his savings into cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum and solana. He believes it is a smart hedge for his investment portfolio, the rest of which is in real estate, stocks and

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Crypto prices rise as traders dip back into digital asset market

Crypto traders are showing signs of renewed confidence, with the market cap of digital assets rising $280bn in July after a painful sell-off and credit crisis that had scared many players out of the market. Investment products tracking crypto assets have pulled in just under $400mn since the start of July, racking up the longest

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